If you dream, that you wake up from a vivid dream, but you are actually still dreaming – how do you know, if you are really awake, when you are awake and not still dreaming?

"Hypnotized" made me think of that old dilemma, and if that leaves you cold, then there’s a good chance that "Hypnotized" will, too.

Ji-su (Kim Hye-soo) is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and is treated at the hospital by psychiatrist Suk-won (Kim Tae-Wu). He leaves the hospital to start his own clinic, where he meets Ji-su once again a year later. He treats her with hypnosis and starts falling in love with her.

During hypnosis he haves sex with her, or she dreams it – or he dreams it? Are we told the truth, outright lies or deluded fabrications of these two troubled minds? We are fed a story in bits and pieces about Ji-su and Suk-won, who both have a troubled past.

The story is ok, but not exactly new (even though there are some new twists) – but the vision! The fantastic interiors, the color palettes, the effects, the blood, the sex – all these elements are mixed with a flair and style, that takes you along for a thrilling ride. Don’t think too much; just let the vision wash over you, while you sit back and enjoy.

In Korea a lot of the men came to see hot actress Kim Hye-soo’s first nude and sex scenes. On the festival circuit it’s the imagination and style of director Kim In-sik that will carry the day.

If you haven’t guessed by now: this is an ART film! The director Kim In-sik got great reviews from his low budget first film, "Road Movie". This time he got money enough to make what he wanted. And he does give us a compelling vision.

"Hypnotized" is marketed as a horror film in some places. It is not. It is a psychological drama/thriller with two or three horror scenes.

I really enjoyed "Hypnotized" and will be looking forward to Kim In-sik’s next film.
Uffe Stegmann
November 3, 2004

Original Title
lguleobtneun minyeo
South Korea
Kim In-sik
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Kim Hye-soo
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