Push! Push!
“Push! Push!” takes places in and around a San Bu In Gwa (literally translation: Clinic for Births and Wives), which is obstetrics and gynecology clinic in large city, presumably Seoul.


Obstetrician Dr. Jung-Yeon Han (Hwang Sin-Hye) and gynecologist Dr. Min Hye-Suk (Bang Eun-Jin) run the Ob-Gyn, though Dr. Han is seeking other venues of exposure, among other things authorship, in order to voice her concerns for how modern Korea treats fertility. Dr. Min thinks her colleague is abandoning her true call at the clinic.

In the clinic the two doctors see their fair share of love, hate, life and death as they battle phobias, delusions, hypocrisies as well as treat, comfort and are hassled by their many women patients (and at times their relatives and/or spouses).

The 40 year old woman wanting reconstruction of her hymen: "Will this make me more desirable?"

The academic woman’s first time birth: "I must experience the most beautiful pain in Mother Nature"

The TV anchor who wants an abortion; she can't afford to have her stomach swell and her breasts sway.

The pregnant mother who finally overcomes her embarrassment to ask: "Can I have sex?"

The professional con-woman who wants her pregnancy test falsified.

The teen-age girl (Seung-Min Cha) raped by her landlord when the family couldn't pay rent.

The Bar hostess, who are used to drink so much that normal dosage of anesthetic doesn’t bring her under during the abortion.


The main focus of the film is not the two doctors, but the ensemble of women in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.

Through the multiple story lines, amidst the graphic portrayals of real life births, cesareans and a vasectomy, the film is a satirical comedy-drama which exposes contemporary sexual and gender practices in Korea.

The humor comes from the often grotesque situations, or the clash between old traditions and the modern world where abortion is an option.

The seamlessly blending of real life footage with the “dramatized” parts of the movie was coined by director Chul-So Park as ‘gossip cinema’, a description of its semi-documentary and “tabloid”-feel.

I am looking forward to see it again, when it eventually will be issued on DVD, but if a representative of Park Chul Soo Films should see this, pretty please with a cherry on top, find the necessary money for a complete restoration with preferably an anamorphically enhanced transfer in the original ratio. I say this because I saw the Studio/Companys issue of “301/302” and I was appalled by the treatment of this transfer. The source print was probably a well worn internegative, that have struck multiple positives, because it was not cleaned up, and had scratches. Though the soundtrack was issued in 5.1, I’d rather have a cleaned up picture.

Anyways I’d buy this movie in a heart beat, if it was ever issued on DVD (despite the condition of the source print). It’s highly recommended.
Henrik Korsbæk
June 21, 2004

Original Title
San Bu In Gwa
South Korea
Park Chul-So
- 301/302 (1995)
Hwang Sin-Hye
- Bedroom and Courtroom (1998)
- 301/302 (1995)
Bang Eun-Jin
- My Beautiful Days (2002)
- Address Unknown (2001)
- 301/302 (1995)
Shin Sin-Ae
Cho Mi-Ae
Seo Kap-Suk
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