FAQ - Frequently asked questions

You might want to check these out, before you send us a mail.

Question: Do you know Shu Qi's e-mail?

Answer: No! No no no! Shu Qi is a an A-class celebrity, so no, mere mortals like us don't have access to her e-mail.

Question: How often does Shu Qi visit you?

Answer: Never. Uffe met her once in Berlin, but we have no regular contact with her.

Question: Why don't you have a forum?

Answer: We don't like forums. We're happy to receive mails and suggestions from our visitors and we do plan to have a page with "mails from the fans", but there'll be no forum on this site.

Question: Why can't I find the film "Your Place or Mine" on this site?

Answer: Because Shu Qi does not star in it. The film is listed in her filmography on several sites, but we've checked the film ourselves and she's nowhere to be found in it.

Question: Can you tell me the name of the guy who walks past the girl who looks like Shu Qi in that movie from last year?

Answer: Erhm.. no. Look, we love to answer any questions that come our way, but within reason! Please keep this in mind before you send us anything.

Question: I really want to see some Shu Qi films, but I have no money. Can't you send some films to me?

Answers: No. Get a job. Stop trying to hustle us.

Question: Can you please send me some hardcore porn pictures of Shu Qi?

Answers: Shu Qi hasn't done any hardcore stuff. We have some erotic pictures in the multimedia section, take it or leave it.

Question: Please mail me some Shu Qi pictures.

Answers: Why? If you can send a mail, you have access to the net, and then you can just download them yourself.

Question: Can I get your Messenger/ICQ number, or can you please join this dubious network I'm part of?

Answers: We appreciate the request, but we simply don't have time to do something like that. If you want to ask us something, send us an e-mail.

Question: Pourquoi pas vous respond à nos questions?

Answer: What!?! At the risk of repeating ourselves, we speak English and Danish, NO OTHER LANGUAGES! If you wanna get in touch with us, write in one of these languages.

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