Two roommates lead very different romantic lives. Both like to meet women over the Internet, but A-Tai prefers playmates (brief affairs) while Tsia-Chung (whose misleading computer screen name is Sleazy-Tsai) is searching for a soulmate. They take dance lessons (and meet a couple of nice girls). It's not clear what they do to support themselves, or if they are students. Tsia-Chung finally meets a long-time online correspondent with the screen name of "Flyindance" (think three words, fly-in-dance, as in "I dream of being able to fly through the air while dancing) and they begin dating in the real world. Meanwhile, A-Tai enjoys a dalliance with Siu Yu, a leading dancer at the Art Institute, but she breaks up with him when Tsia-Chung exposes A-Tai as a womanizer. A-Tai moves on, but still longs for Siu Yu. All these events lead up to a fateful New Year's Eve dance to celebrate the year 2000.