China. 1914.

Hero (Ekin Cheng) is accepted as a student by the masterful teacher Pride, but when he returns home to tell the good news, he finds that his entire family has been killed. His father had voiced his disdain for the local opium dealers, foreigners who sell to Chinese people, and for that he and the rest of the family were murdered.

Hero quickly finds the man responsible, and brutally kills him. His girlfriend Jade is heartbroken, but there's nothing she can do. Hero has one last night with her, and then he flees to the United States, leaving Jade in the care of his friend Sheng.

Flash forward to 1930. Sword (Nicholas Tse), the son of Hero, arrives with Sheng to the USA to look for his father. It's been 16 years since Hero disappeared.

They arrive at the Chinese Hotel, where Sheng and Jade stayed when they originally went to the US to look for Hero when he disappeared. They meet up with old friends and through their stories Sword learns what happened to his father back then.

Hero managed to settle down, but his peace is interrupted when team of Japanese Ninjas arrive to battle with Hero and his fellow student Shadow. Their master Invincible (Francis Ng) seeks the "China Secrets", an ancient fighting style, resting in the care of Master Pride. Pride and Invincible must fight for these secrets, but Pride wins the fight and Invincible has to leave empty handed.

However, back in the present day, in the middle of Sword's search for Hero, Invincible returns to battle for the "China Secrets".

But where is Hero, when his loved ones need him the most...?

David Bjerre