A lavish party somewhere in Hong Kong. Two rival gangs are attempting to form a truce, but when Lim Aryoung, daughter of the leader of the Hwabeakryun Gang is humiliated by foot soldiers from The Black Dragons the party breaks up.

Later The Black Dragons' leader is assassinated and Aryoung is the prime suspect. War is looming on the horizon and Aryoung is not safe in Hong Kong. After avoiding an attempt on her life Aryoung finally agrees to go to South Korea, where she will hide under the protection of local gangster boss Mr. Yang.

Mr. Yang has assigned a hapless low-level gangster, Han Ki-chul - who has the maturity of a 12-year old - to protect her. To keep a low profile she'll stay in his apartment with two of his minions and a newly recruited female translator, Yeon-hee. Since Ki-chul has no idea who Aryoung is and since Yeon-hee is too afraid to translate what she actually says to the boys, they get off to a rather shaky start.

However, when Ki-chul's boys almost get into a fight with another gang Aryoung intervenes and reveals herself to be a skilful fighter. She easily beats up a dozen gang members without breaking a sweat. Such a remarkable feat is not likely to go unnoticed and soon Ki-chul and his gang find themselves in the middle of a war. Worse yet, all this trouble brings unwanted attention to Aryoung and before long the secret of her hiding place reaches Hong Kong. The new leader of the Black Dragons, Jwa Guk Choong, dispatches a team of deadly assassins to Korea to get rid of her once and for all.

David Bjerre