Director Shu Kei's latest film, A Queer Story, is a slick, highly entertaining melodrama that deals head-on with themes of gay sexuality and homophobia in Hong Kong -- and is refreshingly optimistic in its belief that prejudice can be overcome. Law Kar-Sing is a gay 46-year-old marriage counselor whose trepidation is mounting about his own wedding to his childhood sweetheart Chuen. While puzzling over what to do, Law discovers that his cocky young hairdresser boyfriend (played by Young and Dangerous superstar Jordan Chan) has been having an affair.

Subplots proliferate as Law recovers from the ordeal by running straight into the arms of a hustler. Watch what happens when Chuen makes a surprise visit and finds Law and his boyfriend caked in green mud-masks! Shu Kei's deft handling of confrontational scenes provides many enjoyable and often extremely funny moments in what is definitely one of the gayest films ever to come out of Hong Kong.