The film opens with a flashback to three years ago. Mac (Leon Lai) and his group of professional thieves get ready for a mission, but one of the thieves - Bird (Jordan Chan) - doesn't wanna go and the team leave without him. During the job a woman from the team, Apple, dies at the hands of one of the other members, Soto.

Cut to present day: Mac and his new team are on the job. Bird is with him again, along with two new members Michelle (Michelle Mok credited as Michelle Maran) and Sam (Sam Lee). In an elaborate heist worthy of a "Mission: Impossible" film, they break into a high security vault to empty a safety box. After the heist is successfully over it turns out that what they were hired to steal was a rare baseball card!

Naturally the others complain, they want more excitement and more risk. Their wish is granted sooner than they thought.

A private plane crashes killing the renowned Dr. Lee, along with his staff and family. He was involved in a lawsuit against a Dr. Kam over the cancer cure S.P.A.T which he claimed Dr. Kam stole from him. Dr. Lee's body is the only one not recovered from the plane, and Mac suspects that he may still be alive. He puts the word out that he is willing to take on the job of retrieving the drug at half price, in an attempt to rid himself of guilt over the loss of his team-mates three years ago. Bird mocks him, calling it a "Mission: Noble".

Mac and Bird meet with a severely burned Dr. Lee. who explains that they have to break into Kam's secret high security lab and simultaneously steal the prototype for the drug and the computer files describing it. The team sets a course for Malaysia where the lab is located, however, the job proves more tricky than they thought. There are more players in this game than they know of, and some of the players they know, aren't what they seem.

David Bjerre