This is a special page for the french DVD version of The Transporter.

French Region 2 version (PAL) - 3 disc Limited Edition
  • Front
  • Back
  • Distributor
    EuropaCorp Diffusion
  • Region Code
  • Running Time
    89 mins.
  • Rating Category
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Anamorph
  • Subtitles
  • Language(s)
  • Format
    Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Commentary
  • Making of featurette (34:43)
  • Deleted scenes
  • Storyboard comparisons
  • Trailer gallery
  • Still picture gallery
  • Music video
  • Splinter cell game preview
  • CD: Original score
  • CD: Soundtrack album

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First of all, if you have the ability to play region 2 DVDs, GET THIS! The transfer is gorgeous and from what I can tell, slightly better than the region1 version. This version also features small cuts that where made in the american version to keep it at PG-13. When you pop the disc in the player, the first thing that strikes you, are the menus. They are brilliant. Loud as hell (in glorious Dolby Digital 5.1), the menu features images of Frank's BMW racing down a dark road (fully computer animated, of course). When you choose an item, the menu "zooms" in on another image. If you choose "Play", the camera turns 180 around the car and zooms into the trunk

The commentary track on this DVD features artistic director Louis Leterrier and cinematographer Pierre Morel, but it's in French only, with no subtiles. Too bad, I would very much like to have heard what the cinematographer had to say.


When you select "extras" the camera zooms into the car to the code panel that unlocks the car. You have to punch in a three digit code to view one of the fetures. Pretty cool

Making of (34:43). It seems to utilize the same clips that are featured in the shorter US version, but here the feature runs 34:43 mins. I think it's a very nice piece. Jason Statham and a few others speak English, but Shu Qi speaks Chinese. A French voice tells us what she says, but she's also been subtitled in English. The ONLY place on this disc where you'll find US subs, but no matter. At least it's the most important place.

Story Board (1:47). Basically just the scene where Frank skydives down to the trucks to save Lai, with three viewing options. 1) The original scene, 2) the storyboards and 3) a combination of the two. To be honest this is pretty boring stuff. If it's news to you that big budget films like this storyboard their actionscenes extensively, you might enjoy it.

Gallery (26 images). This is great! 26 stills of Shu Qi and Jason Statham (oh, and the other guy is also in there somewhere). I haven't seen these stills before, but Shu Qi looks really cute, and I wish I could see them in a higher resolution.

Deleted scenes (or Scènes coupées as the French apparently say). Four deleted scenes, not to be confused with the extended scenes from the American disk. They are presented with temp sound (DD2.0), in widescreen, but not anamorphic.

"Poursuite à Nice" (6:12). Extended drive through the city. The opening getaway after the robbery has been considerable extended, with additional car stunts.

"Meurtre À L'hôspital" (3:13). Wallstreet arrives at the hospital and identifies himself as a cop, to gain entrance to his injured man. This explains how he could gain access to somebody who is presumably in police custody.

"La Rocket" (3:26). This is a temp version of the scene where Wallstreet's guys attack Frank's house, complete with green screen, and wireframe computeranimation. The cool thing is that it includes the sequence where Frank deflects a rocket with a lid, which was prominently featured in the trailer. Too bad it didn't make the final cut, because the scene looks great even in this incomplete version.

"Dans le Bus" (2:01). The scene where Frank beats up a bunch of hoodlums in the parked bus. For the life of me I can't tell the difference between this version and the one in the film. It's worth noting that the scene in the French version of the film, is identical to the extended version presented among the addition material on the US DVD.

Trailers. 10 trailers for various french films.... but no trailer for transporter! Odd.

Music video (3:31). "Muzik" by Knoc Turn'al. Presented in Dolby Digital 3.0, and anamorphic widescreen. The video stars the rapper Knoc Turn'al and Jason Statham, who displays additional martial arts skills, but no sense of rythme! I love this song plain and simple, and it's a nice little video.

Splinter cell preview (1:39). A prevew of the videogame.

This collector's version also includes two CD's.

CD Disc 1 - Original score

  1. Mission (Stanley Clarke)
  2. Serenity (Stanley Clarke)
  3. Frank Tries To Leave (Stanley Clarke)
  4. Transfighter (Replicant)
  5. Fighting Man (Dj Pone, Drixxxé)
  6. Love Rescue (Replicant)
  7. Rockin' And Scratchin' (Dj Pone, Drixxxé)
  8. Interrogation With Inspector (Stanley Clarke)
  9. Gives Package A Drink (Stanley Clarke)
  10. The Chase (Dj Pone, Drixxxé)
  11. It's All Over (Stanley Clarke)
  12. Lai Snoops Around (Stanley Clarke)
  13. Life Or A Stranger #1 (Nadia)

CD Disc 2 - Music from and inspired by the motion picture

  1. Boogie 2nite (Tweet)
  2. I Got Love (Nate Dogg)
  3. Live Big (remix)(Sacario, Angie Martinez, Fat Joe)<
  4. Muzik (Knoc Turn'al)
  5. If I Could Go (Angie Martinez, Lil Mo, Sacario)
  6. Be All Right (Tamia)
  7. Scream Aka Itchin (Missy Elliott)
  8. Funny (Gerald Levert)
  9. I'm Cool (Hustlechild)
  10. One On One (Keith Sweat, Lola Troy, Lade Bac)
  11. Bad Girld (4bidn)
  12. Life Of A Stranger (Nadia)
  13. Mission #1 (Stanley Clarke)
  14. Transfighter #1 (Replicant)
  15. Fighting Man #1 (Dj Pone, Drixxxé)
  16. Franck Tries To Leave #1 (Stanley Clarke)

There's a couple of very catchy tunes on CD2, and the score is great. If you love the film enough to buy the French version, you might as well buy this one that includes the CDs.