Films like this are predictable in nature, so in order to keep our interest the characters have to be likeable, and their problems have to be relevant. "When I Look Upon the Stars" succeeds on both counts. The film is sweet and harmless. It has a pleasant warm tone, but with an underlying sense of something more serious.

Leo Koo plays the role of Kei very well. His job is difficult because he is in fact the bad guy (he neglected his girlfriend), but also the victim (she cheated on him). The film turns serious for a moment in the scene where he beats Sam for for stealing his girl. This is Leo Koo's best scene. He also handles the romance perfectly.

Shu Qi is almost sickeningly nice, doing her usual perky scene stealing performance, but she displays some of the depth she's capable of in the serious scenes. As always her expressions are wonderful.

The scenes during Kei and Kiki's romance are the best in the film. In one very sweet scene Kiki shows Kei her room, where large paper stars are hanging from the ceiling. She says they represent her dreams. The bigger the dream, the bigger the star (this is the inspiration for the english title)...

Eric Tsang has a cameo as Kei's manic boss. I just can't stop laughing when I see that guy. Sure, he plays the same way in almost every movie he has made, but there's just something about him... Anita Chan's role is somewhat anonymous, but maybe that's a good thing. We don't wanna hate her, but we really don't wanna like her either. The only weak link is her falling in love with Sam. He is played by Sam Lee with his usual "Goofy" approach. Funny as hell, but attractive...? Not exactly.

On this DVD, the end credits are missing, but instead there is a video montage that appears to be shot during the wrap party. It's a nice way to end the film, and you just can't help smiling.

One last note: Did we mention that Shu Qi's character also works as a model. One scene opens with her at a photo shoot.... in a swimsuit. Enough said?

David Bjerre