A Day on the Planet
Once again Director Isao Yukisada of GO has made another youth drama. For this ensemble film he has cast some of the best of Japan´s up and coming actors.

Masamichi has moved and is starting his post-graduate studies. He invites six of his student friends for dinner. Nakazawa (about to start his first film project) arrives with his enchanting girl friend Maki and his best friend Kate. Kate spends the whole evening ogling the shy Kawachi even though she is told he already has a girlfriend. Nishiyama and Sakamoto has already arrived. Throughout the evening quite a number of bottles are emptied, Kate (by then quite drunk) gives some of the guys alternative haircuts. A stranded whale and a man caught between two buildings are shown on the TV news.

The title describes this film perfectly – A Day on the Planet. Quite an ordinary day, but still these more or less trivial events captures a feeling for the lives of young people today.

The keywords are feelings, emotions and just everyday life. Not a perfect film at all, but still worth watching.
Uffe Stegmann
March 14, 2004

Original Title
Kyo No Dekigoto
Isao Yukisada
- Go (2001)
Rena Tanaka
-Thirteen Steps (2003)
- Tokyo Marigold (2001)
- Hatsukoi (First Love)(2000)
- GTO (1999)
- Give it All (1998)
Satoshi Tsumabuki
- Waterboys (2001)
- Tomie: Re-Birth (2001)
- Dimension Travelers (1998)
Ayumi Ito
- All about Lily Chou-Chou (2002)
- Swallowtail Butterfly (1996)
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