A Tale of Two Sisters
This psychological drama/horror film was one of the most popular Korean movies in 2003 with more than 3.1 million spectators – not one too many!

A father brings his two teenage daughters home to their beautiful house in the Korean countryside, where the maniac stepmother is waiting.

Very slowly the film starts developing the story until you are quite sure, that something is horribly wrong in spite of the idyllic surroundings.

Why is the big sister so aggressive?
Why is the little sister so passive?
Why is the stepmother such a maniac?
Why is the father so weak?

Plot twist upon plot twist makes it difficult to tell you too much and avoid spoilers at the same time.

However, before the movie ends you have a reasonable idea about what actually happened – or maybe you should watch it again to be sure......

The use of a beautiful old house, an idyllic landscape and very well composed photography enhances the bloody horror-effects dramatically. Well known but effective tricks work like a dream because they are allowed to stand alone – without bombastic music telling you to be afraid. This works extremely well, and if some of those scenes does not make you jump in your seat – you are either dead or in prison for unspeakable violent crimes!

A very succesfull film to which DreamWorks already bought the American remake rights.
Uffe Stegmann
March 14, 2004

Original Title
Janghwa, Hongryeon
South Korea
Kim Ji-Wun
- The Quiet Family (1998)
- The Foul King (2000)
Su-Jeung Lim
(the big sister)
- Romantic President (2002)
- ...Ing (2003)
Geun-Yeong Mun
(the little sister)
- Lover’s Concerto (2002)
Jung-Ah Yum
(the stepmother)
- Tell Me Something (1999)
- H (2002)
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