Joey Cheng (Shu Qi) is wandering through a men's clothing store trying to pick out a tie for her lover, Sam. Faced with the choice between two colors, she freezes, when she realizes that she doesn't really know this man, and then it dawns on her that their relationship is doomed.

When Joey returns to her hotel, she arranges for a wake up call at 8 the next morning. She puts on a beautiful dress, lies down on the big hotel bed, and swallows half a glass of pills!

Then she calls Sam again.

He can hear something's wrong, but his attention is elsewhere and he hangs up on her. Bereft of all hope, Joey surrenders to the pills. Moments before she passes out, she realizes that she's not alone in the hotel room. Through her glazed eyes she can barely make out a group of dark figures looming over her bed, as everything fades to black...

...Then there's light. And pain.

Joey wakes up in a hospital. Doctors are furiously trying to pump out her stomach, and the only thing she can say is "Sorry, I' didn't mean to kill myself"

A month later Joey's back in Hong Kong. She's still trying to reach Sam, without any luck. Strange things are beginning to happen around her. One day, during a shower, she spots the reflection of another woman in a pool of water, and she stumbles and hurts her arm. Later, during a visit to a doctor, he tells her that she should be more careful now that she's pregnant. Joey looks at him in disbelief. Is she really carrying Sam's baby? Further tests confirm this. She is in fact one month pregnant.

She sees a doctor about an abortion, but when he tells her a second abortion could severely reduce her chances of ever conceiving, she hesitates. She decides to keep the baby, but her troubles are far from over.

She keeps seeing things that aren't there. Strange people appear out of nowhere, only to disappear just as quickly. Is she seeing ghosts or is she losing her mind? Maybe someone from the other side is out to get her...

David Bjerre