November 21, 2010: movie update
Added pages for If You Are The One II.
November 21, 2010: picture update
Also added a very interesting pdf file for the so-called Red Series, from one of you visitors.
July 11, 2010: picture update
We've got a ton of new images and a poster for the City Under Siege gallery.
April 11, 2010: movie update
Just posted the New York I Love You review, also added Bluray details.
February 21, 2010: picture update
Added pages and a few images for The Legend of Chen Zhen.
January 27, 2010: picture update
We got a bunch of new posters, stills and behind the scenes photos in the New York, I Love you gallery.
January 26, 2010: movie update
Added details for the New York, I Love you DVD and the Confession of Pain Bluray.
November 26, 2009: movie update
We finally got our If You Are The One review online, along with a story description, and Bluray details.
October 10, 2009: movie update
Added some early details for the French My Wife is a Gangster 3 bluray. As soon as the disc arrives we'll have more precise information.
September 20, 2009: picture update
Updated the New York, I Love you gallery with some screenshots from the HD trailer.
September 12, 2009: picture update
Added 40 DVD screenshots to the Look for a Star gallery.
September 9, 2009: movie update
Big Look for a Star update, with story description, review, and Bluray details.
July 12, 2009: movie update
We now have Bluray details on three of Shu Qi's films. If You Are the One, Look for a Star and The Transporter.
June 28, 2009: movie update
A new Shu Qi movie has been added to the site: City Under Siege, aka City on Alert.
Also added 5 stills for New York, I Love You, which has had its premiere pushed to late 2009.
June 17, 2009: picture update
Our visitor Nicholas Brower sent us two colorful wallpapers, you can find them on the fan wallpapers page.
May 25, 2009: picture update
Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but now we bring you a gallery of great stills from the 2009 Cannes film festival. Enjoy.
April 12, 2009: movie update
We've got the DVD cover scans for If You Are The One and Look for a Star online.
April 12, 2009: picture update
Added some images to the Shu Qi Fan Art page, and a single image to the fan wallpapers page.
March 22, 2009: movie update
Added details on three different DVD versions of Blood Brothers, including scans of all the covers.
March 20, 2009: movie update
So we finally got some info on the two new Shu Qi films on DVD. Check out the DVD pages for If You Are The One and Look for a Star. The actual discs have yet to arrive, but stay tuned for cover scans and confirmation on the content.
January 7, 2009: picture update
Added some stuff to the If You Are The One and Look for a Star galleries.
December 27, 2008: picture update
Lasse send us a Christmas themed artwork.
December 17, 2008: picture update
We got some great news scans from Men's Uno magazine Check them out here. A great X-mas present from Adrian!
December 14, 2008: movie update
Trailers for If You Are The One and Look for a Star now online at the trailer page.
December 7, 2008: picture update
JP sent us a few great shots from yesterday, where Shu Qi attended the Golden Horse award show.
November 29, 2008: site update
We've got some more stuff for the Shu Qi Fan Art page, this time from Luke in England.
November 26, 2008: movie update
We've added pages for the upcoming Shu Qi movie If You Are The One, including a gallery with stills from the film and from the press conference.
November 6, 2008: site update
So we've added a new page with fan made Shu Qi artwork. There's not much to look at yet, but hopefully some of you out there will be inspired and send us some good stuff.
August 24, 2008: movie update
The first teaser for New York, I Love You has turned up on the internet. You can download it from the Trailer page.
Added the Andy Lau movie Look for a Star to the Shu Qi filmography.
August 18, 2008: movie update
Added New York I Love You to the Shu Qi filmography.
August 18, 2008: picture update
Adrian sent us some cool scans from an older Vogue. Check them out here.
July 11, 2008: multimedia update
Back from vacation with a Video update. We've organised all the various clips and trailers we've had lying around and added them to the site. We've also added clips that were previously located on the individual gallery pages to the Multimedia gallery, so you can find everything in one place.
Updates include: Three trailers, three commercials, four clips - including Shu Qi's appearance at the Cannes Film Festival - and two music videos.
June 10, 2008: picture update
Added two simple, but beautiful fan wallpapers from Manuel.
April 13, 2008: movie update
The Upcoming Projects page has been updated with two new Shu Qi films.
April 13, 2008: picture update
We've got a couple of beautiful hi-rez pictures of Shu Qi from the recent Asian Film Awards in the Hot 'n New section, and a few wallpapers from the Romance of Red Dust gallery.
March 22, 2008: picture update
Added a few more Shu Qi pictures that Uffe took in Berlin.
March 21, 2008: picture update
We have a few new Shu Qi pictures. First there's a page with some shots Uffe took when he saw the real life Shu Qi in Berlin. Plus Chelsea sent us some cool images, which you can find in the Hot 'N New section.
March 20, 2008: site update
Posted a few details on Shu Qi's upcoming film Street of Dreams, plus posted an Ellen von Unwerth series pictures.
Also added a couple of images here and there, fixed a few errors, added links and other titbits, too numerous to mention here. Some of these updates have been contributed by visitors quite a while ago, apologies for not being able to add them to the site sooner.
March 2, 2008: site update
Uffe has written an article about his meeting with Shu Qi at the Berlin film festival, which you can find here.
We've also added a bunch of great photos of Shu Qi's appearance at the festival, and in our Asian Cinema section you can find an article about the festival in general.
November 27, 2007: movie update
We've added a review of Blood Brothers and updated the plot descripton. The DVD deatails have also been updated.
October 15, 2007: site update
You may have noticed a few subtle changes on the site. We've now completed a technical overhaul of the site, which includes a new main page, a redesign of the movie pages and some other stuff. Hope you like it.
October 10, 2007: movie update
A Taiwan DVD version of Blood Brothers will be available November 1st, according to YesAsia. Check out the DVD deatails here, or go right ahead and pre-order the DVD here.
September 30, 2007: movie update
Finally we've posted the review of Three Times. We've also added addition DVD covers and stills in the gallery.
August 15, 2007: movie update
We've got a ton of stuff for Blood Brothers, check out the gallery page for posters, stills, trailer and a music video.
Also added a couple of fan wallpapers.
August 6, 2007: movie update
Here's the review of Forest of Death. We've also posted and updated synopsis and a few words about the DVD.
August 5, 2007: movie update
Finally we've added the long-awaited pages for the TV-series Romance of Red Dust, brought about by the fact that the subtitled DVD just landed on our doorstep.
May 19, 2007: movie update
Suddenly without warning the DVD for Forest of Death arrived! We've added scans of the cover and info about the disc.
May 19, 2007: picture update
"JP" came through for us again, and sent us these fantastic photos of Shu Qi at the Cannes Film Festival!
May 19, 2007: picture update
"Koji" sent us some great magazine scans featuring Shu Qi.
May 7, 2007: movie update
We've posted our review of Home Sweet Home, plus DVD cover scans for My Wife is a Gnagster 3
April 21, 2007: movie update
Added pages for Blood Brothers.
April 21, 2007: picture update
Added our first Hi-Rez wallpapers.
April 16, 2007: picture update
We've completed the revamp of the Multimedia Section. Updates include, new design for the main page and all subpages. We've also fixed broken trailer links and added a few tidbits here and there. Including a clip from Shu Qi's recent Flower by Kenzo campaign. Thanx to David from Italy for this.
Added three new fan wallpapers from Kristine.
April 9, 2007: movie update
April 8, 2007: picture update
Added two new fan wallpapers.
April 1, 2007: movie update
Added pages for the Shu Qi movie Forest of Death, plus DVD info for Confession of Death.
March 5, 2007: picture update
Timothy Finch sent us som great scans, featuring an animated Shu Qi! Go straight to the Animated Shu Qi section to see them.
December 5, 2006: movie update
Garry sent us three great Quicktime clips from "My Wife is a Gangster 3"! You can find them in the gallery.
November 20, 2006: movie update
Added pages for "Confession of Pain", with a gallery!
November 19, 2006: movie update
We've finally added pages for "My Wife is a Gangster 3", including a gallery.
June 21, 2006: picture update
"Adrian" sent us some cool magazine scans, featuring Shu Qi. You can find them here.
June 4, 2006: site update
Updated the Upcoming Movies page with 5 new titles.
February 19, 2006: picture update
Added 2 fan wallpapers, from "Mirko".
February 4, 2006: movie update
Added covers scans and DVD details for "Three Times" and "Home Sweet Home".
February 4, 2006: picture update
"Sledge" from Hong Kong sent us 3 fantastic scans from the South China Morning Post. You can find them here. Also we've got 2 new wallpapers from "Rich".
January 7, 2006: picture update
Added 3 fan wallpapers.
December 30, 2005: picture update
Added a fan wallpaper and some cool stills, the latter courtesy of "JP".
November 14, 2005: picture update
Added some very cool shot of Shu Qi at the Golden Horse awards. Once again "JP" is the one to thank.
November 13, 2005: picture update
Today we've got 3 new fan wallpapers. Thanx to "Nancy" for these.
October 30, 2005: movie update
Added pages for the new Shu Qi movie called "Home Sweet Home", whcih was previously known as "Monster".
September 3, 2005: picture update
We've got some new wallpapers, and then "Frederic" sent us some grabs from a DVD with a Cannes interview!
February 14, 2010: Awards News
Shu Qi is nominated in the Best Actress category for Look for a Star, at The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards. Not sure when the actual awards will be given out, we're crossing our fingers already.
January 27, 2010: Review of Ocean Waves
Once again we have a new review on our Asian Cinema website. David has just posted a review of Ocean Waves, check it out!
January 7, 2010: movie update
New York, I Love You will be release on DVD and Bluray February 2, by Vivendi Ent. No details yet.
September 30, 2009: movie update
Here's a little reminder: The folks behind New York, I Love You are running competiions on a few social networks. Check 'em out by going to the competition page
August 23, 2009: New York, I Love You Contest
As the opening of New York, I Love You moves ever closer the filmmakers are preparing to launch a big contest about the film. You can read more about it here: Read more.
April 16, 2009: Shu Qi turns 33
It's Shu Qi's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHU QI!!! We hope you have a great day and we hope the next year will bring you everything you wish for.

All the best from the team!

Uffe & David
January 11, 2009: Review of Supercop
As regular visitors know we also run an Asian Cinema website. David has just posted a review of Supercop, check it out!
April 16, 2008: Shu Qi turns 32
It's Shu Qi's birthday today! She's turning sweet 32, but of course, she still could pass for 20. Only a few weeks ago we met the real life Shu Qi (Well, one of us did - read Uffe's report about it here) and we're happy to report that she's every bit as sweet and gentle off screen, as she is on screen.


May the next year bring happiness to you, and many great films to us, your fans.

All the best from the team!

Uffe & David
January 29, 2008: Shu Qi at the Berlin film festival
Amazing news! Shu Qi is set to join the international jury at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival.
As he has a habit of doing Uffe will visit the festival and hopefully get a chance to see the one and only Shu Qi in real life! Fantastic! Expect a full report when he returns.
October 10, 2007: Shu Qi in Hou Hsiao-hsien's next
According to Associated Press Shu Qi will star in Hou Hsiao-hsien's upcoming kung fu movie "The Assassin". The film will take place in ancient Tang Dynasty and feature Shu Qi as Huang Hsin-yi, a woman who's adopted and trained by nuns as a political assassin.
Taiwanese studio SinoMovie will produce in coorporation with 20th Century Fox in the US, and possibly a South Korean studio as well. The US$12 million production has no start-date yet.
May 19, 2007: Shu Qi at Cannes
Not only was Shu Qi present at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, SHE actually declared the festival open!
You can see her do so at this You Tube clip. Thanx to Antoine, who gave us the heads up.
shu qi i Cannes 2007
April 16, 2007: Birthday!
Today's Shu Qi's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us here at May you have another great year, with many new projects and lots of success!
March 9, 2006: New Shu Qi movie
Shu Qi is set to star in the upcoming "My Wife is a Gangster 3", acording to Variety!

Click here to read the Variety article.

Thanx to our friend Hong Kyu, who alerted us to this!
November 14, 2005: SHU QI IS THE WINNER!
Shu Qi has won the Golden Horse, for Best Lead Actress, for "Three Times"! And she cried a little bit! CONGRATULATIONS from us here at!

Thanx to Leanne, the first who brought this to our attention, and sent us some pictures!

shu qi recieving her golden horse award
November 11, 2005: Chasing fame
Shu Qi is scheduled for for another high profile international appearance in the movie "Chasing the Dragon". She'll star alongside Ken Watanabe and Wesley Snipes, in this action-adventure to be directed by Chris Nahon ("Kiss of the Dragon").
Source: Production Weekly
October 18, 2005: Golden Horse nomination
Shu Qi has been nominated for a Golden Horse award, for her performance in "Three Times". She's up against Miriam Yeung - for "Drink , Drank , Drunk" - Chen Shiang Chyi for "The Wayward Cloud" - and Michelle Krusiec - for "Saving Face".
On top of this, the film was also nominated in the following categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Make Up & Costume Design and Best Editing.
The award ceremony will be held on November 13.
Source: The Golde Horse Award website.