"Look for a Star" follows three very different love stories.

The main story revolves around hotshot bachelor billionaire Sam Ching (Andy Lau), who is looking for a woman to share his life with. He finds her in Milan (Shu Qi) a straightforward, good spirited girl from the other side of the tracks.

Milan dances in an exotic (not erotic) cabaret and dreams of becoming an actress. She lives with her drunken aunt and overbearing uncle, and works part time in a casino, and this is actually where they meet. Sam falls in love the second he sits down at the table where she's dealing, Milan on the other hand mistakes him for a degenerate gambler, whom she must save from himself. Sam does nothing to correct her assumptions and the two of them slowly develop a friendship that turns into something more. But what happens when she finds out he's really a nasty billionaire? The same billionaire who's responsible for the demolition of the old amusement park she used to love...?

Meanwhile Sam is setting up his driver with a blind date, who turns out to be a single mother, and his assistant, the slightly tomboyish Miss Kwok, meets a blue collar worker in her hotel that she can't seem to forget. These three love stories will develop along similar lines, and reach their zenith simultaneously in the emotional finale.

David Bjerre