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    Vivendi Entertainment
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    Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Bonus segment: "These Vagabond Shoes"
  • Bonus segment: "Apocrypha"
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    New York I Love You
    Big Fan

Given the nature of the production it's not surprising that the quality of the film is very inconsistent. Some scenes, like most of the first segment, are almost frighteningly sharp and extremely over-saturated, as if everything was shot at magic hour. Other scenes, especially those shot at night, appear grainy and a little rough. I believe most, if not all, of the film was shot on video, but the majority looks good, all things considered. There's nothing too offensive here.

Included among the extras are the two segments that were cut from the film.

Scarlett Johansson directs "These Vagabond Shoes", the tale of a scruffy looking Kevin Bacon who takes the train and eats a hotdog (Yes, that's the extent of the plot). It's so ludicrously devoid of plot that it's not even funny, but more importantly, it doesn't feel like it takes place in the same city as they other stories, and visually (it's black/white with sepia tones) it looks radically different from the rest of the film.

Andrey Zvyagintsev directs "Apocrypha", the story of a boy (Nicholas Purcell) who accidentally films a couple (Carla Gugino and Goran Visnjic) breaking up. This one is just plain boring, and it doesn't connect emotionally, because we are watching people through a video camera most of the time. Most likely, though, it was removed from the film because of the lead character's ridiculous sideburns.

I completely understand why these two segments were cut, I only wish they had removed Brett Ratner's story as well. The segments play 11:43 and 13:13 respectively, but both these running times include a 4,5 minutes long credit sequence!

Also included on the disc are interviews with 5 of the directors, plus a trailer.

David Bjerre