In the seedy world of underground gambling a man with the unfortunate name Who-the-Hell (Nick Cheung) and his posse make a nice profit, hustling their way through the card games of Shenzhen.

One day the boys come across the blind model Candy (Shu Qi) who's struggling to make enough money to go to the US and get eye surgery. Who-the-Hell becomes fascinated by her.

He follows her to church and tries to woo her. But when she quizzes him on the good book and he fails miserably, he's forced to admit that he never goes to church. However, Candy is not immune to his charm, and she says that she'll go on a date with him if he never lies to her again. She also renames him No-name.

But trouble arises for No-name when he returns to Shenzhen and runs into the gangster Tough. Though demands that No-name puts his skills to use working for him, and No-name agrees reluctantly.

Meanwhile No-name is teaching one of his guys, Chun, the virtues of cheating. Little does he know that Chun plans to get rid of No-name the first chance he gets.

During the first card game with Tough as partner, everything goes wrong. No-name fails to win and Tough and his gang beat him up. No-name is badly injured and looses his sight. Shortly after this Candy returns from successful eye surgery in the US.

Now No-name must face off against his former protégé in one final card game, where everything is at stake.

David Bjerre