This website is devoted to the movies of the stunning and talented Asian actress Shu Qi.
This is a labour of love. We're doing this for fun, so don't take it too seriously.
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A complete list of Shu Qi's film, both in chronological and alphabetical order. Here you'll also find information about Shu Qi's other projects - CDs and TV stuff - plus information about her upcoming films.

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Various personal and professional news about Shu Qi. Some of it we supply ourselves, the rest is contributed by our visitors. Plus a complete list of site updates.

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All kinds of Shu Qi pictures - including wallpapers - videofiles, such as trailers and commercials and a few audio clips, all featuring Shu Qi.

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We've written a little biography of our favorite Asian actress. A page featuring hard facts about Shu Qi. Also, here we have information about the awards and nominations Shu Qi's recieved.

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Practical information about this site. Some legal stuff, acknowledgements and an FAQ. Links to other sites, plus a feedback form, so you can upload information to us, and you can tell us what you think about the site.

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November 21, 2010: movie update
Added pages for If You Are The One II.
November 21, 2010: picture update
Also added a very interesting pdf file for the so-called Red Series, from one of you visitors.
July 11, 2010: picture update
We've got a ton of new images and a poster for the City Under Siege gallery.
April 11, 2010: movie update
Just posted the New York I Love You review, also added Bluray details.
February 21, 2010: movie update
Added pages and a few images for The Legend of Chen Zhen.
February 14, 2010: Awards News
Shu Qi is nominated in the Best Actress category for Look for a Star, at The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards. Not sure when the actual awards will be given out, we're crossing our fingers already.
January 27, 2010: movie update
We got a bunch of new posters, stills and behind the scenes photos in the New York, I Love you gallery.
January 26, 2010: movie update
Added details for the New York, I Love you DVD and the Confession of Pain Bluray.
January 7, 2010: movie update
New York, I Love You will be release on DVD and Bluray February 2, by Vivendi Ent. No details yet.
November 26, 2009: movie update
We finally got our If You Are The One review online, along with a story description, and Bluray details.

More update and some news...