Jason Statham plays Frank aka The Transporter. A man specialised in... well, transporting stuff. Whether it's a small brown package or 3 guys trying to get away from a robbery, the rules are the same: The deal is the deal, it cannot be changed. No names. And never, ever look in the package.

But one day Frank is asked to transport a package for the gangster Wall Street (Matt Schulze from Blade II) . He makes the mistake of opening the package, and in it he finds the asian girl Lai (Shu Qi), bound and gagged! This could be the beginning of a completely different story, but Frank chooses to stick to the rules and deliver the package anyway. When Wall Street asks him if he looked in the package he lies, and leaves with his money.

All seems well, but when Frank stops for a soda, his car is blown up! A bomb planted by Wall Street. Frank realises that there's more to the story than he thought. He decides to rescue Lai, and take his revenge on Wall Street...

David Bjerre